Cari's Bio
Cari Scribner

I have 3 incredible kids over age 18 and two close-to-the-floor dogs named Miloh and Syd.

Here are some things I like: Rain, LL Bean anything, dog kisses, open hearts, flying anywhere, mindfulness, stretching, zombies, outdoor music, kindergartners, a good umbrella with no broken spokes.

Here are a few things I don't like very much: Dogs whose tails don't wag, summers that end too fast, bragging, birthday candles that drip on the frosting, small mindedness, black licorice, when kids grow up too quickly, when the shower runs out of hot water, when bubble gum pops on your nose.

On my To-Do list:  Housetrain my little dogs who are currently 8 and 9, frolic, start loving NY winters, get Halloween declared a national holiday, stop nagging my kids to floss because they do it every night anyway, live in jeans, learn to knit, learn to speak Spanish, learn to let go, never let go.