Cari's Bio
Cari Scribner

I have 3 incredible kids over age 21 and two close-to-the-floor dogs named Miloh and Lucy.

Here are some things I like: Kindness, snow, zombies, mindfulness, writing about my very ill father, having a knack for remembering names, a good sturdy umbrella, dog kisses, open hearts, flying anywhere, outdoor music, purple, and I am forever grateful to the Law of Attraction. “Want it, and believe you can have it.” Through this, all things are possible.

Here are a few things I don't like very much:  Mean-spiritedness, closed minds, that my dogs won’t outlive me, bragging, black licorice, sarcasm, the unrelenting passage of time.

On my To-Do list: Get Halloween declared a national holiday, daily Random Acts of Kindness, relinquish my affinity for ruminating, have more long lunches with my mom, live in leggings, learn to knit, learn to speak Spanish, learn to let go, never let go.